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Best podcast on Etsy so far

I really like this podcast, been listening from episode 1 and I’m about half way through. I really hope more keep coming. I’m just opening an Etsy shop and wanted something more about the business side than the “how to” technical stuff. This podcast completely fits that bill. Tons of sites and videos on how, but this goes into business practices etc a bit more. I also really like how simple and to the point each episode is, with easily digestible 30 min or so episodes. I’d love to continue listening, last episode is from Oct, so please continue recording!! 💖💖

So real!

Wow finally a podcast that gives good business advice AND I don’t need to listen to giggling women with dumb banter. Can’t wait to try your suggestions for my new shop. Etsy.com/shop/gallivantdecor. Just getting started and very excited! Thanks for this great series 🙌🏻